Alpaca Guild

Become every alpacas hero

Protect your investment

You’re looking for a better relationship with your alpacas and seeking certainty about their future.

You’ve seen the pet market devalue the national herd and you feel that the alpaca industry has lost its way, leading to diminishing returns and a worrying increase in welfare issues.

Beyond the farm gate

The Alpaca Guild is the association of alpaca breeders, artisans and trade professionals united in securing a future for alpacas in New Zealand.

We’re investing in a sustainable ecosystem of industry partners around alpacas that appreciates their value and recognises your participation.

An alpaca registry you can trust

Reliable, secure and available on any device, the Alpaca Guild registry is the safest place to manage your herd, track validated genetics and record breeding outcomes.

Bring your existing data with you wherever you’re coming from, including health, medication, fleece statistics and sales data.

Alpaca Welfare

Track and monitor the health of your alpaca and any interventions for the most reliable holistic view of their life.

We succeed together

Choose how, where and when you engage with other members to secure your part in the alpaca industry.

Join the revolution

Are you with us or are you watching from the other paddock?

Don’t leave the future of your alpaca and your investment in them to chance.

Join the Alpaca Guild and participate in a prosperous and fulfilling future for all alpaca in New Zealand.

The alpaca association you’ve been asking for

Membership into the Alpaca Guild is by invitation only to ensure we deliver an exceptional service.

We invite you to join our waiting list if you share our ethos and have something to bring to the industry.